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VACUUBRAND - Vacuum Pump ME 2/ME 2C
Oilfree Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps


Diaphragm pumps are oilfree, dry and frictionless running pumps for the generation of vacuum as well as the delivery and evacuation of gases and vapors. In chemical laboratories they are the much more powerful and modern alternative to water jet pumps, as they do not release any polluted waste water ( environmentally friendly) at much lower operation costs ( no water consumption) .
Typical applications: on vacuum drying chambers, distillation, drying and vacuum filtering but also as backing pump for turbo-molecular pumps, gas transfer and the like.


There are one-, two-, three- and four-stage pumps available. The one-stage pumps are designed for an ultimate vacuum of approx. 80 mbar ( 70 mbar by NT pumps) , the two-stage pumps for an ultimate vacuum of 7 mbar ( see NT pumps 7 mbar) , the three-stage pumps for 2 mbar and the four-stage for down to 0.6 mbar.
high pumping even near the ultimate vacuum
low noise level
easy-to-change diaphragms and valves
long diaphragm lifetime

Two Versions

VACUUBRAND offers two different versions:
Aluminium version: Made of aluminum, FPM and PE. They are equipped with a hose nozzle or small flange on the inlet side and with a silencer on the outlet side.
Chemistry version " C" : In these models pumped gases only come into contact with optimized chemically resistant fluoroplastics, e.g., with a PTFE-sandwich-diaphragm, ETFE clamping disc with stability core, PTFE/ ETFE cylinder head, perfluorelastomer valves and PTFE/ EFTE connections. On the inlet side with small flange or hose nozzle and on the outlet side with hose nozzles.

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