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SOCOREX - Switzerland
Bottle top dispenser up to 100 ml alibrexTM digital 521 Bottle-top dispensers
Three sizes expand the CalibrexTM line with larger dispensing volumes ranging from 2 to 20 mL, 10 to 50 mL and 10 to 100 mL. Similar to
the 520 model in many respects, the 521 range has a distinct black design. Also fitted with the " Solid Calibration" adjustment system, the CalibrexTM 521 has an additional fine-tuning ring. Base thread fits 32 mm bottle neck diameter. Each 521 models comes along with 3 adapters ( PP material) for 38, 40 and 45 mm bottle neck diameters. See bottle-neck adapters for additional sizes and materials.

CalibrexTM fixed 521
SOCOREX - Bottle top dispenser up to 100 ml

Fixed volume bottle-top dispensers Fixed versions also available in any volume within dispenser range. Supplied with same bottle neck adapters as above.

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